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« The arc of any celebrated business is underpinned by decisive strategy choices that are few and typically made amidst the profound uncertainty of rapid changes.

Get these crux choices wrong and you face a future of persistent pain, or even outright failure. »—Hamilton Helmer

Understanding strategy to get a hedge on the economic scene

Behind daily headlines about business lies a power game played by companies to thrive, if not to last or survive. Understanding the rule of the game and studying the players can make us smarter about decision making.

It’s the goal of this newsletter

If you don’t know who the patsy is…you are the patsy

Take a step back and think. The profusion of instant information fueled by headlines is causing great confusion. How to make sense of it and make economic decisions? How to debunk fads and get smarter about the way companies conduct their business ? This letter tries to give you clues about it.

About Hervé

I cofounded Cap West Equities in 2000. It manages two alternative investment funds (Cap in and Cap off) and a Ucits fund (Cap West Partners). The specificities of these funds are their concentration on a few stocks and a focus on competitive advantage.

I am putting my experience in competitive advantage analysis to deliver a letter that is worth your time and attention.

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Les cimetières sont remplis de sociétés qui n’ont pas compris les règles du jeu.


Président directeur général Cap West Equities